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* Satisfaction Guaranteed
Unlike other services, you will not be billed for "idle time" - only for actual work being done.
If you are not completely satisfied with our services, let us know immediately at the end of the session or report it here

  • Small Business support rate: $2.95/minute during first 15 minutes, then $2.25/minute for remainder of session
    • cost-effective support for common everyday business needs
  • Corporate (priority) support rate: $5.00/minute during first 15 minutes, then $2.50/minute for remainder of session
    • prioritized routing to our level-2 support team for enhanced business productivity
  • Emergency (elite) support rate: $7.00/minute during first 15 minutes, then $3.50/minute for remainder of session
    • VIP handling for time-sensitive & mission-critical applications

  • Custom rates may be applicable & displayed for select (specialized) services.
  • Vendor & Corporate rates are not billed to you as an end-user. Rates are displayed for informational purposes and billed to the vendor or corporate account selected.
No Hidden Costs
  • No deposits required, no minimum commitments, and no paperwork to worry about
  • No travel fees and no related scheduling delays, virtually eliminating lost productivity time
  • No minimum "hourly" billing - (unlike other companies that structure their services for hourly billing, we have designed our services based on our evolutionary philosophy of billing by the minute, and solving common computer problems in 'real time' at a fraction of the usual cost)
  • No conflicts of interest - (we are vendor independent, so you can rest easy knowing that we won't try to sell you anything, and we won't earn commissions on any of the products we recommend - our goal is to provide you with the best software support and custom solutions tailored to your needs, so that we can help you become more productive and successful, and continue to be a support company you can always trust and recommend to others)

Simplified Billing

  • "On Demand" services - pay only for the help you need, when you need it
  • Support sessions can be billed to your credit card or deducted from a deposit account
  • When using a credit card, email receipts will include support session user & pc name
  • Full support session and billing detail is available online in your account history
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